ESTO Final Conference in France

September 2014 in Lisieux in France

The Final ESTO Conference took place in September 2014 in Lisieux in France. Different stakeholders and actors (from education, agriculture, environmental and policy sector) were invited. The conference was organized in the Agricultural High School Le Robillard in Normandy. Approximately 172 persons participated in the conference - 72 participants were from different organizations (farmers organizations, cooperatives, local authorities, regional parks, education and science sector - trainers and teachers, NGOs, policy makers) and about 100 students and pedagogues of the agricultural college participated in the conference. The Vice-President of the Basse-Normandy Region and the Vice-President of the Conseil General of Calvados opened the conference.

The Conference consisted of a pubic and an internal part. During the public part of the conference the situation and perspectives of traditional orchards in different European countries were presented to an international audience. Project partners introduced the project and all results of the ESTO project in detail. Furthermore, French experts introduced orchard actions and initiatives in France. The discussion and European experiences sharing was one of the most important conference sessions. The second conference day was dedicated to the presentation of the best practice examples: cider producing farm with 30 ha of traditional orchards, presentation of the apple processing at the Agricultural College and cider and calvados factory of Coquainvilliers. The internal meeting of ESTO partners on last conference day involved the final project evaluation session, presentation of dissemination and exploitation results in a „gallery walk“, setting and discussing the tasks of the Competence Centres and designing the ESTO follow-up actions.

French speaking participants were asked to fill-in an evaluation survey, which evidenced that 80% of them were impressed by the European dimension of the seminar. The conference was an opportunity to raise awareness about the various benefits of traditional orchards (for landscape, territories, farmers and the environment) among local stakeholders and, particularly, local policy makers. The project and the conference results were publicized in the main local newspaper Ouest France on October 10th. A video was also shot at the farm visited on second conference day. Entitled “Traditional orchards: a farmer’s testimony”, it is available in FR, EN and HU on various websites, notable the ESTO website.

Hirschbirne trifft Schafnase

7. November 2014, 10-17 Uhr, Graz (Österreich) Herrengasse (vor dem Landhaus)

Während der Intensiv-Obstbau in der Steiermark mit Preisverfall und Pflanzenschutz kämpft, widmen sich die Steirischen Naturparke den „Streuobst-Wiesen“ mit Obst-Raritäten, die zusehends in Vergessenheit geraten: zum Beispiel Ananasrenette, Purpurroter Cousinot, Steirische Schafnase, Hirschbirne, Berner Rosenapfel oder Lavanttaler Bananenapfel. Unglaubliche 2.000 Apfelsorten gab es ursprünglich in der Steiermark. Jede dieser völlig ungespritzten Sorten hat ihre „Bestimmung“: zum Gleich-auf-Essen, für den Most, für Dörrfrüchte, zum Strudel oder zum Schnapsbrennen.

Die steirischen Naturparke bringen rund 180 Apfel- und Birnensorten in die Herrengasse, ausgewähltes Streuobst kann auch verkostet werden.

Dazu servieren die Naturparke Kostproben wie Apfelbrot, warmes Apfelragout, Apfel Chutney, Mehlspeisen, Marmeladen, Imkerei-Spezialitäten, aber auch verschiedene Essigsorten, und frischgepressten Apfelsaft.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung finden Sie hier

ESTO-project Final Conference

29. 09. – 02.10.2014 in Normandy

ESTO Project Partners and external experts from partner coutries but especially from France will meet in ESTO-project Final Conference, which will take place from 29. 09. – 02.10.2014 in Normandy (Lycée Agricole Le Robillard 14170 LIEURY L'OUDON app. 40 km from Caen).

A provisional programme of the Conference you can find here. The conference will consist of internal and public part. The internal part of the conference for ESTO project partners will take place especially on 29.09 and 02.10. 2014.

The public part for partners and all invited guests, where the project and ist results will be presented and discussed together with French activities in field of traditional orcharding to broader audience as well as excursions will be held on 30.09. and 01.10.2014.

ESTO Pilot Course – Orchard School in Denmark

29th  May to 1st of June 2014 in Blomstergaarden near Viborg and Cold Hand Winery

The ESTO “Traditional Orchards” - Curriculum and the teaching material were tested in Denmark in a 4-days intensive pilot course from 29th  May to 1st of June 2014.  First three days of the course took place at the Blomstergaarden near Viborg and the last course day was realised at the Cold Hand Winery. The aim of the pilot course was to test the “Traditional Orchards” curriculum on the basis of teaching materials, which of both have been developed by the partner consortium of the ESTO project. Teaching/learning/training topics included parts of pomology, propagation of fruit trees and juice-production where both – theory and practical activities done by own hands of participants were well balanced.

Gaining of practical experiences of students like tasting or grafting complemented theoretical training in overmentioned fields. Because of the season of the year, only few apple varieties were available for the tasting, however there were many different juice varieties to taste (both - frozen and pasteurised). All participants grafted a fruit tree with several varieties of their own choice. Participants can remove new family trees in October.

There were three teachers/experts with rich experiences and knowledge in traditional orchrading involved in the realisation of the pilot course. Eight course participants came from different parts of the country. All adult students had a little or some experience in traditional orcharding.

Several participants has provided immediate feedback on course per mail and expressed: “The course was very fine  - better than expected”. They also appreciate to gain much of new knowledge and many practical lessons learned about fruit and fruit trees, traditional orchards, propagating fruit trees and processing the fruit. Participants also emphasised effective mixture of theory and practice within the course.

ESTO Pilot course in Hungary

May – October 2014, Corvinus University of Budapest

In the framework of ESTO project, pilot courses were organized at the Corvinus University of Budapest (May – October 2014) in order to test the ESTO curriculum on the basis of the pilot teaching material, which were developed by the project partners. Several colleagues of the Corvinus University were involved in the preparation and realization of the course, mostly from the Department of Pomology.

First time the unit of Fruit Juice Production was tested, followed by the units of Pomology and Propagation. Nineteen participants took part on both - the theoretical and practical occupations of Fruit Juice Production, Pomology and Propagation, respectively. Based also on the evaluations carried out later (questionnaires, assessments of preparation team and evaluation team), the practical training was proved to be very beneficial for the students. Before the courses, students had a very good base knowledge concerning all topics, but they lacked practical experience, which is however crucial to become competent on any field.

Even though a larger number of students were expected to participate, the feedback was very positive, which is promising the further utilization of the material. The following main issue is the contribution in further similar events using the project materials, and using the opportunities granted by the project, through established Competence Center (on ESTO and Traditional Orchards) at CUB.

Pilot course as a part of the international ESTO project ‘Traditional orchards – old varieties of apple trees’

from 16-19 May 2014 in ZSCKR (The Jadwiga Dziubinska Group of Schools - Agricultural Education Centre)

Pilot course titled ‘Traditional orchards – old varieties of apple trees’ that took place from 16-19 May 2014 in ZSCKR (The Jadwiga Dziubinska Group of Schools - Agricultural Education Centre) in Golądkowo was the first such course in Poland. It is the international initiative of the ESTO project. Here you can read more.

Impressions from the Pilot course ‘Traditional orchards – old varieties of apple trees’  have been catched in this short video-clip. The clip has been prepared by students of the ZSCKR Education Centre in order to shortly demontrate the athmosphere of the course.

Testen des ESTO – Curriculums (Pilotkurs Pomologie)

10.4. 2014 OWET – The School for Fruit Growing and IT in Gleisdorf in Austria

Im Pilotkurs am 10.4. 2014 waren 6 Schüler aus der Betriebsleiterklasse, die zu Hause einen Obstbau-Vollerwerbsbetrieb bewirtschaften, dabei. Anfangs waren noch alle skeptisch, was die Sinnhaftigkeit der Erhaltung von alten Sorten anbelangt.

Mit Hilfe der drei Betreuer war die anfängliche Skepsis bald gebrochen und die Schüler haben begeistert mitgearbeitet.

Am meisten waren die jungen (Intensiv-)obstbauern vom Geschmack der alten Sorten überrascht. Mit einer derartigen Geschmacksvielfalt (im April) hat niemand gerechnet.

Durch das perfekt vorbereitete, locker aber durchaus kompetent und gekonnt geführte  Seminar haben die jungen Teilnehmer (17 – 19 Jahre alt) einen gelungenen Einblick in die Welt der Pomologie bekommen.

Betreuer: Alois Wilfling, OIKOS, Markus Möslinger, OIKOS, eine Mitarbeiterin von OIKOS

Organisation: Georg Innerhofer, OWET

Teilnehmer: 6 Schüler der Abschlussklasse der OWET Gleisdorf

4. Treffen der Projektpartner

21. – 24. Januar 2014 in Miskolc/Hungary

Das dritte Projektjahr startete mit einem transnationalen ESTO-Treffen der europäischen Partner am 21.-24. Januar 2014 in Miskolc/Ungarn. In dem Treffen wurden die laufenden Projektaktivitäten teilweise abgeschlossen und andere neue Projektphasen starteten.

Die ESTO – Projektpartner als Europäische Experten im Bereich „Streuobstbau“ haben zusammen in Arbeitsgruppen Expertentexte vorbereitet, die als Basis für die Erstellung der piloten Unterrichtsmaterialien dienen werden. Durch diese Unterrichtmaterialien wird der Lehrplan pilotweise in den „Streuobstschulen“ an unterschiedlichen Bildungseinrichtungen in vier Europäischen Ländern auf drei verschiedenen Ebenen (Berufsschulen, Universität und Erwachsenenbildung) getestet. Die Hauptthemen des Treffens waren also die Finalisierung der Expertentexte und Vorbereitung der Unterrichtsmaterialien zum Pilotkursen. Die Realisierung der piloten Streuobstschulen selbst war auch ein Kernthema des Treffens. Des weiterem vorbereiteten die Projektpartner die Pläne für eine effektive Verbreitung und Nutzung der Projektergebnisse. Falls Sie zu den Projektergebnissen mehr erfahren möchten, lesen Sie einfach weiter auf und hier können Sie noch mehr über das ESTO-Projekt erfahren.

Treffen der Streuobstinitiative Nordsachsen

26. November 2013, Grimma, Deutschland

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft „Streuobstinitiative Nordsachsen“ des Landschaftspflegeverbands Nordwestsachsen e.V. trifft sich am  Dienstag, der  26.11.13 um 10.00 Uhr in der Saftmanufaktur Kerstin Lieber, Papsdorfer Dorfstraße 5 in 04668 Grimma, OT Papsdorf. Weitere Informationen zum Ablauf finden Sie hier.

Deutsch-Polnische Streuobsttagung in Bad Muskau

15. November 2013, Bad Muskau, Deutschland

Streuobstbestände sind ein im grenzüberschreitenden Programmgebiet Sachsen und Polen beheimatetes gemeinsames Kulturgut und stellen ein charakteristisches Landschaftselement mit hoher ökologischer Wertigkeit dar. Im Rahmen des Projektes „Neue Wege für die Umweltbildung in Sachsen und Niederschlesien“ sind zwei Bildungskonzeptionen erarbeitet worden, die gerade diese Nutzeffekte von Streuobstbeständen vermitteln. more

EUROPOM 2013, Hamburg, Germany

4 - 6 October 2013

Europom is Europes largest exhibition for fruits and fruit varieties. The Loki-Schmidt-Garten in Hamburg is hosting the EUROPOM from 4.-6. October 2013. ESTO partners also presented the ESTO-Project. more

Streuobsttagung in Mayrhofen – Europahaus

18./19. Oktober 2013, Mayrhofen, Österreich

Tirol lädt zum ersten Mal herzlich zu einer Streuobsttagung ein. Anerkannte Fachleute werden an zwei Tagen einiges zu erzählen haben. Auch das ESTO-Projekt wird hier präsentiert werden. Zum Programm gelangen Sie hier.

Fachtagung: Streuobstwiesen- von A wie Ausgleichs-maßnahme bis Z wie Zuccalmaglio Renette

19./20. April 2013, Landgut Holzdorf, Deutschland

Erhalt von obstgenetischen Ressourcen - ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Biodiversität? Entwicklung von regionalen Streuobstprodukten und ihre Vermarktung – zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit, Obstbaumpflege in öffentlicher Hand - nur mit Verstand, Ausbildung von Streuobstspezialisten, Apfelallergie aus pomologischer Sicht: Dies sind aktuelle Themen, die im Rahmen der zweitägigen Fachtagung der GRÜNE LIGA Thüringen e.V.  diskutiert werden. Nicht zuletzt wird nach vier Jahren Projektförderung durch den Freistaat Thüringen ein Resümee zum Projekt „ObstNatur in aller Munde“ gezogen. Zum Programm gelangen Sie hier.

3rd Transnational Meeting

9 – 12 April 2013, Pöllau/Austria

Project Partners will meet for 3rd Transnational Meeting on 9 – 12 April 2013 in Pöllau/Austria. The project folder in all partners languages will introduce. After presentation of information on NQF and national certification demand in partner countries the presentation of the FGs work will start. Working in Focus Groups will continue. Agenda of meeting you can find here.


February-April 2013

In 2009 GRÜNE LIGA Thüringen e.V. started a marketing project named “ObstNatur in aller Munde”. The project comprises three modules. Environmental education, care & management workshops and marketing a mobile fruit squeezer and organic products, such as pear- and apple juice and sparkling apple soda. In coming months GRÜNE LIGA Thüringen e.V. offer different courses in tree-cut.

Pomological exhibition, Austria

9 November 2012

This exhibition with 7 nature parks OIKOS was responsibled for a pomological exhibition in Graz. The aim was to show old fruit varieties, but also to present the products from traditional orchards. The 7 styrian nature parks also showed their research projects and work in the field of pomology.

EUROPOM 2012, Austria

26-28 October 2012

Europom is Europes largest exhibition for fruits. 2012 it was the first time in Austria. 18 countries presented their fruit and activities. Our partner OIKOS was responsible for the sponsoring activities, but also for different parts in organisation. OIKOS also presented the ESTO-Project. more

Hirschbirnwandertag, Austria

26 October 2012

This every year hiking event is organized by the austrian broadcasting organisation. Depending on the weather 4.000 to 10.000 people visit this event every year. Our partner OIKOS showed about 150 old apple and pear varieties at this occasion and presented the ESTO-project. The event was a great success and shows, that it makes sense to have strategic co-operations with tourism. more